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About Us

Floyd’s 99 success is built on the choice to deliver great customer service, delivered by the best hairstylists and barbers in the business, in a fun, high-energy environment, at a great value.

Floyd’s 99 shops focus on old school customer service, where customers are every employee's number one priority. It mixes its excellent service with the new style appeal of an experienced, talented staff with unique and fun personalities to match the Floyd's 99 attitude that keeps their loyal customers coming back. Surrounded with posters of hot bands and music artists plastered on the walls, customers can watch one of the plasma TV's or log on to the Internet at one of the shop's customer computers, all while taking in the music on Floyd's 99's own radio station. Then to top it all off, every customer receives the Floyd's 99 signature hot lather neck shave* and aaahhh…shoulder massage.

Floyd's 99 approach is to keep services simple, focusing on traditional hair cuts, styling and color services for both men and women and men's specialty barbering (face and head shaves). Haircuts range between $15 and $34 (local pricing may vary) and all services are guaranteed.

Besides beating high prices traditionally found in salons, Floyd's 99 has overcome the long lines often associated with discount-priced cutteries by adequately staffing its shops to take care of its number one priority: its customers. Walk-in service is the norm, but customers can also phone ahead to be put on a wait list (just like in restaurants). Appointments are recommended, though, for those wishing face and head shaves and coloring services. Customers can even check Floyd's 99's popular online web schedule to see when their favorite stylist or barber is working and sign up to receive eMinders and the latest news, offers and exclusive invitations.

Because customer service is a top priority at Floyd's 99, all shops provide a full-time front desk staff, a rarity at most barbershops and discount chains.

Floyd's 99 Barbershops most importantly represent great business in practice.  Consistently our shops win Best Barbershop awards in nearly every one of our markets.  Visit us to see why!

Floyd's 99 Barbershop is the brainchild of brothers Paul, Rob, Bill O'Brien. Brothers Paul and Rob also own and operate Observ, Inc., a foodservice subcontractor operating in numerous sports and concert venues from the Midwest to the West Coast. The first Floyd's 99 shop opened at 1092 Broadway (the corner of 11th and Broadway) in Denver, Colorado in February of 2001. The company is headquartered in Greenwood Village, Colorado.  
In 1999, Colorado brothers Paul, Rob and Bill O'Brien drew up the plans for a new barbershop concept that would stand out from the rest of the industry, provide an outstanding workplace environment for barbers and hairstylists, and deliver an unbeatable customer experience. 

They made the decision to diversify into the hair care industry after researching several business opportunities in both the restaurant and hair care industries. They felt they could have the greatest opportunity for success by taking the experience they had gained from years of operating their concession business and applying it to a unique niche in the highly competitive industry of hair care. The advantages the brothers felt they had for success were their strong operating background, dedication to customer service and their attitude toward the value of their employees to the business.

In February 2001, the first Floyd’s 99 Barbershop opened in downtown Denver, introducing customers to the novel idea of getting a haircut at a reasonable price while having a pretty good time at it. 
Take a look at videos that tell our story better than we ever could in words.  You'll see why we are definitely Not Your Grandfather’s Barbershop!®

From humble beginnings, we could never have found success without the help of our tremendous partnerships.

From our friends in the cosmetology schools to beauty product providers to our budding record label co-branded efforts, we greatly appreciate the team efforts we share with these outstanding organizations. Equally as important are our partnerships with local businesses, schools and charities that allow us to connect with our neighborhoods and provide us the ability to give back.