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FL Orlando - S. Orange Ave
(407) 601-5960
3150 S. Orange Ave., Ste. 107
Orlando, Florida

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Shop Manager
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Floyd's Cut$21.00
Massage Shampoo$4.00
Buzz Cut$16.00
Short Layered Cut (men & women)$25.00
Long Layered Cut (men & women)$30.00
Long Cut$25.00
Face or Head Shave$28.00
Color Services (start at)$55.00
Kid's Cut (12 & Under)$16.00
Mustache or Beard Trim (start at)$5.00
Bang Trim$5.00
Neck Clean-Up$5.00
Design Work (starts at)$8.00
Deep Conditioning$10.00
Awapuhi Kera Triplex Treatment$25.00
Special Occasion Styling (starts at)$40.00

(All proceeds benefit Arnold Palmer Hospital Music Therapy Program)

S. Orange is committed to working with the surrounding community. We've done work with charities, schools, and local businesses.  We're going to be here for the long haul, building long term relationships and serving our friends in the neighborhood.

Some of our past charity events:

Gibson Guitar Raffle

Hand in hand with Gibson and the Orlando Calling Music Festival, Floyd's helped raise money for the Fatone Family Foundation's “My Healing Harmony” Music Therapy Program at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children.

Back to School Music Fundraiser

For every Blankner K-8 student that came in for their Back to School haircut, Floyd's donated a recorder to the school music department.  Alex Shelnutt, drummer from hit pop-punk band, A Day to Remember, came in store to help kickoff the event.

*Floyd's 99 will continue to strive to help various local charities.  If you have an upcoming fundraiser and seek a donation from Floyd's please don't hesitate to contact the shop.

Our killer professional photos are courtesy of Damon Tucci Photography.  Contact Damon & Rosy for a rock star photo shoot or to cover your next big event.
Lookin' for the classic businessman's cut or want to rock a Mohawk? Or perhaps you're a stylin' lady that needs a great color without the high-end price? At Floyd's 99 on S. Orange we've got you covered.

Visit our Orlando & Winter Park specific Facebook Page for the most up to date news, flash deals, and contests. 

"Floyd's 99 takes things to a new level of service. Straight razor shaves- the back of my neck feels as soft an smooth as a baby's bottom. Fresh Soothing Hot Towels- gently placed on your face to whisk away any worries or cares. Not good enough, you say?  No problem! They offer Back Rub Massages, no no no not that kind but I like what your thinking.  Relax in your chair with a gentle rub on the shoulders with a handheld massager. Sure this may not be for everyone but I feel like a new man.
Ok so that's extras Floyd's treated me to but I'm leaving out the best part. No it wasn't the music piped in from their own radio station where one can hear everything from Blues Traveler to Dave Mathews Band to Foo fighters and more. It wasn't even the appealing art murals of rocks favorite bands.  It simply was an attentive down to the details haircut I got from Lauren. I put my full faith in her abilities, gave her no parameters.  I emerged from Floyd's99 ready to hit a red carpet event, or at least it felt like I would have been.
No joke, Floyd's99 is top notch. It's not next door but I'm kicking all the other generic chains to the door.
When you call for an appointment ask for Lauren she'll blow you away with what she can do."      -Joe I. via Yelp.com

"Growing up I was huge Detroit Tigers fan, big time, and one night I heard that a former Tiger open this place up.  Well, I finally made time to stop in and check out Floyds.  Very cool place, and a great cut, and my barber (I don't get styled) cut what I pictured and explained.
Greeted as I walked in the door by the owner's wife (Sarah) and she asked how I heard about the place.  I caught it on a late night or evening news clip and the owner was a Tiger (2003-2008) - good enough for me.  It's conveniently placed on the way to my church (Christ Church of Orlando) north of their shop.  The place looked really clean, and the staff was nice.  Better yet, the barbers and barberettes aren't crammed into small spaces, that was always kind of weird for me in other "boutiques", not so here. 
The owner (Kyle Sleeth) sat down in the barber chair next to mine and we had a great chat about Detroit and of course the Tigers.  If you are any kind of baseball fan you should check this place out.  Verlander was there on "opening day".  
Overall a great cut, and a (free) electric neck massage after the cut, veddy-veddy-nice!  And shaking hands with someone who can push a bull 97mph is pretty freakin' cool as well, made my day and my haircut." -John S. via Yelp.com

"Raul is truly a master barber. Best I've seen in 20 years. -Fred Werner via Facebook.com

"Raquel at South Orange! I love my hair." -Anna Horsch Ruiz via Facebook.com

"Jorge at S. Orange! Freaken' Awesome!" -Andrew Cochie via Facebook.com