Jump Start Your Career
Receive $1500 To Work at Floyd's

What is the Jump Start Program?


Here at Floyd's, our culture is defined through our purpose, our passion, our values, and our people. There are so many different paths for our stylists/barbers to take in their careers at Floyd's. We are committed to building relationships at the beginning of their Future Professional careers.

The Floyd's Future Professional program has been created to support Future Professionals in their transition into the industry in what we hope to be a lifelong career at Floyd's. Prior to graduating, stylists/barbers have financial burdens that can sometimes delay their start in the industry. To ease that burden, Floyd's is offering a $1,500 incentive to help Jump Start qualifying Future Professionals start their career here at Floyd's. The first payout will be $200 on their first check. Then $650 after 30 days & another $650 after 180 days. (incentive payments are subject to standard wage taxes) 


Floyd's Jumpstart Program Qualifications:

  • Letter from the candidate (tell us about you, your passion for the industry, why Floyd's, etc.)
  • Attendance criteria based on state or school criteria 
  • Can perform short clipper cuts - skill test in the technical interview
  • Share a portfolio of your work
  • Graduation date within the next 60 days

* The Jumpstart program is available in select states and shop locations. Please submit the form to be contacted with the full details. 

We look forward to connecting with you!