Brothers Bill, Rob and Paul O’Brien recognized there had to be a better way of getting a great haircut in a place they all wanted to be.

Bill craved that a great EXPERIENCE when getting a quality cut, Rob wanted a quality cut when it was most CONVENIENT for him, and Paul didn’t want to go to a stuffy salon in order to get the EXPERT cut he wanted. The options were, go to your grandfather’s barbershop or an up-scale salon; there wasn’t much in between.

In the search of a place with expert cuts and an amplified experience that was for everyone, the O’Brien brothers pioneered the modern-day barbershop.

They created a place that combined a welcoming atmosphere with
high-end service and expertise, where it was cool to care about
your appearance. A place where you actually wanted to hang out, feeling comfortable and confident enough to be yourself. Somewhere that worked with your schedule, not the other way around.

Flash forward to 20 years, Floyd’s has grown from one barbershop to over 125 barbershops nationwide. Along the way, our family-owned business has held the same beliefs that have guided us since day one: a belief that experience matters, that convenience is vital, and that expertise shouldn’t come with attitude.