It's pumpkin-spice season, which mean's we're officially into fall, and Halloween is just around the corner! 

Spooked over the ideas of dressing up for your friends costume party, or your night on the town?

We have the inside scoop on how to utilize your current hairstyle to make playing dress-up less of a chore - and more of a score - this Halloween.



Whether you choose the shorn life, or the shorn life chooses you, there are a few days to approach Halloween when you're bald or have your head buzzed.

You can take the easy way out - throw on a camouflage T-shirt, a dog tag and some cargo pants, and rep the solider style! 

Or, you can take advantage of your "blank" canvas. Think Night King from Game of Thrones. 

While you may have to figure out how to build out that mess of angry-looking spikes, at least you are ahead of the "game" in not having to deal with your hair. For an easier way out, grab some black armor and rock the Grey Worm look (Khaleesi's main commander in Game of Thrones), and don't forget your broom stick, which can double as your stave. 



If you're looking to do the bare minimum with your short and basic AF (just kidding) hairdo, you can literally dress up as... anyone. 

Maybe grab your dapper suit and a Nerf gun and shoot for Agent H from Men in Black International, or if you're feeling like a superhero, grab your red jumpsuit and transform into Shazam!


Obviously, you've got to go Mr. Rogers - all day! There's no better time to bust out your cardigan and khakis... Actually, this is the only time you should


Two words: Bob Ross. 



Since you're sporting a trendier style already, we're guessing you may be up for a more exciting costume look. 

If you love vests, harem pants and little red fezzes, there's literally only one character for you: Aladdin, of course. 

You can also throw on a hipster sweater, black pants and your most sarcastic expression, and transform pretty easily into the snarky David Rose of Schitt's Creek

And since Bohemian Rhapsody wasn't released until after Halloween 2018, it's a strong contender as one of this year's more popular ideas.

The late, great Freddie Mercury may not have had a lot of (hair) volume going on, but, slick it back, throw on a mustache and you're ready to rock. Along with a white tank top and jeans, all you need is a studded armband to bling out your bicep (you know you want to). 



Although we don't condone letting your mane run loose and wild (because that likely means you're not carving out the time to sit in our extremely comfortable chairs), we're still happy to throw you some Halloween ideas! 

If you've got a curly head of hair, throw on a flat brim and rep Dustin from Stranger Things, or you can always get a little more hardcore with the same idea, and channel your inner Eazy-E.

As far as wavy goes, you'll make a roaring Scar from The Lion King. If you've got length, and maybe a tad of frizz (we know it adds character), grab a cowboy hat and getup, your beard, and maybe even a guitar, and hit the "Old Town Road" as Billy Ray Cyrus. 






If you go all in for Halloween, it won't matter what kind of everyday haircut you sport. You're probably even willing to pull out the clippers just for Halloween's sake. 

This year, you can dress as the Genie from Aladdin (that'll be a fun hairdo and paint job to attempt), or Elton John from Rocketman (don't forget the glitter shades and sideburns)!

And, if you're planning a full costume makeover, Buzz, Woody, Forky and the rest of the gang from Toy Story make for a fun group effort.

Wearing a wig? While we're not experts, we could be of some styling assistance! Keep your wig soft and shiny by using a comb or wig brush, and spraying it down with a bottle of half water and half fabric softener.

Now that we've hooked you up with more than a few awesome tricks, if you've still got 99 problems, hopefully your Halloween costume ain't one.