Floyd’s & Reuzel Fall Collection 2022

As Fall arrives, you may want to consider shifting your look with the seasons! We change our clothing to suit the season and your hair should be part of that change too! Length and styling changes can be an easy way to mix things up! We are excited to showcase 3 different looks that can show you how you to do just that. For our Fall collection, Floyd’s collaborated with the education team from Reuzel to create 3 haircuts that are on point as we shift into a new season. The education teams at both companies worked on varied looks that show how we adapt to different lengths, curl patterns and textures. 

Our first look is a Mid-Length style.

We wanted to show that more length doesn’t mean you need to have hair down to your shoulders. A mid-length look can show length from 2-5 inches in certain areas. It produces a looser feel and doesn’t have to rely on heavy products for styling. The length does need to be controlled with a purpose though! In this case, we used a razor to cut the entire shape. In doing so it allowed us to produce variation in the texture. We concentrated on reducing the “round” shape that this length typically produces. Instead, we have a controlled, lean shape while leaving more length on top for styling purposes. The product of choice is Texture Powder which gives volume, so the length doesn’t just lay flat on the head. It also shows separation and produces a matte finish that looks natural. This look is a great option for someone worried about having control while growing some length.



Next up, we show a Pompadour with a low taper.

This look never goes out of style! How do you get the best of both worlds? If you like the feel of a shorter look but also want length on the top that gives you a sense of style too? You can have that plus more with this haircut! We show how you can keep the sides of your head lean with our clipper work that leads to a tapered neckline. Why is the neckline important? A low taper allows you to grow out clean versus a squared-off neckline that grows in unevenly. On top of the head, we leave enough length to push into place to give you a fantastic pompadour shape. You have styling choices on top too! The length allows you to choose either a classic solid shape or mix it up with a loose pompadour. This look is hot once again with the popularity of the latest Elvis movie! Reuzel Spray Tonic and Reuzel Fiber Gel are your products of choice here. Spray Tonic sets up the style while the Fiber Gel locks in the look! Time to be bold! This look always turns heads!



Finally, our “Modern Ziggy Mullet” rounds out our collection.

The name is a playful nod to two popular looks/icons. The mullet has seen a fierce revival, and although you may think it is a fleeting trend, certain elements remain very popular. The "Ziggy" reference refers to David Bowie’s popular Ziggy Stardust persona. The color and the shape are a subtle nod to his iconic look. We took both of those cues and threw them into the blender to create this amazing look! You get length in the back and through the top while simultaneously having a lean shape through the sides. In this case, we also let his natural curl do its thing! This cut controls both the curl and the overall shape as well. Styling is made easy by using Reuzel Spray Tonic to set up the shape and to let the curl form. Reuzel Spray Clay comes in over the top and seals the shape into place. The result is a fashion-forward shape that will set you apart!

Talk to your Floyd’s Barber or Stylist about how you can make some simple changes to your haircut to mix things up for Fall!



Pictured left to right. 

Patrick Butler, Senior Director of Creative & Technical Education, Floyd's 99 Barbershop

George Accattato, International Director of Education Reuzel

Bertus, Founder Reuzel and Schorem Barbershop