Your Style in Color - Fall Collection in partnership with Paul Mitchell

Your hair plays a huge role in accenting your overall look. Your haircut and style end up being one of the first things people notice about you. How can you take things up a notch with your hair though? Let’s talk about one of the hottest shifts in hair. Simply put, it is color. Not just any color though. Something that accentuates your cut and style and sets you apart. We created a new collection that showcases a few ways that you can add vivid color to your look and will show you are a step ahead. 


Our latest collection combines three distinct color approaches that accentuate the model’s haircuts and brings their hair to the forefront.



Our first model, Mason had already “bleached” out his hair and had an inch of outgrowth when he walked in. Our goal was to brighten up his blonde, and then add a few vivid colors that would peek out in front and on his back neckline. By brightening his blonde up, it allowed us to reduce the “brassy” look that some blondes tend to have. It also allowed us to have a clean canvas to place our vivid color on. We chose a minty green, coupled with a deep pink to lay underneath his blonde up front, as well as underneath his neckline. Both colors pop out and add a perfect accent to his all-over blonde color. The mid-length haircut sweeps across the front and allows the color to shine! This color combo is a great example of how vivid color can break up a solid look and add dimension to your look!


Style Tips:

  • Shampoo and condition with Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Hemp Shampoo and Conditioner.
  • Blow dry and finish with Floyd's Grooming Texture Powder.​




Our second model, Myah has beautiful natural curl that defines the shape of the haircut and is the focal point of the style. Our color choice was a deep magenta that was placed in panels on the top layers of the hair. This allowed the color to separate and stay with the curl. The surface color shines through the curls in any type of lighting. This color technique will allow you to take a vivid color and use your natural texture to your advantage to show off a beautiful shade!


Style Tips:

  • Shampoo and dry using a diffuser to minimize flyaways.

  • Condition with Paul Mitchell Clean Beauty Anti-Frizz Leave-in Treatment.

  • Style with Paul Mitchell Flexible Style Sculpting Foam.

  • Finish with Paul Mitchell Lavender Mint Conditioning Spray.




Finally, we wanted to show what you can do with color on very short hair. Our final model, Dan has a rad “burst fade” around his hairline on each side of his head. The hair fades up to a length that can be styled on top, even with a short length. We chose to lighten the top length up to bring out the blonde in his hair, then we followed with an icy blue shade. The blue is not your normal crayon box blue, instead, it is an icy cool version that reduces brass in the hair and leaves a shade that stands out.


Style Tips:

  • Shampoo and Condition with Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Hemp Shampoo and Conditioner.
  • Style with MVRCK Dry paste to create some separation.


All 3 of the models in our collection show how you can take your natural texture, or desired haircut, and accentuate it with an amazing color that sets you apart. Don’t think of color as an all-over flat-looking cover-up! Color has evolved into an accent that is now widely recognized as fashion-forward. Time to step up your color game!