Fall Into Your Best Style

Fall is here! While you are rummaging through your closet and pulling out jackets, hoodies, and scarves make sure to consider changes with your hair too. Over the last year, there has been a major shift in the styling of men’s hair. Men are wearing longer looks and experimenting with their style more and more. We see men wearing their hair down and disheveled, pulled up and back, as well as the resurgence of the mullet! After cycling through all those variations, we now arrive at a time period where men are looking for something fresh again. Fall provides an opportunity for a shift in style.




Pompadour with a Twist 

Let’s start out with a new twist on an old classic. A classic pompadour that rises high and sweeps back has always been a staple for men who want a definitive style. A side part has also been a tried-and-true styling tactic that allows you to comb your hair into a style while working with the natural growth pattern of your hair. Both of those styles come together in our first fall trend look as we have created a pompadour with a twist to freshen things up. The side part is there however instead of a “hard part” we used directional movement that allows you to see where the part would be without having a distinct line. Also, the height of a traditional pompadour is apparent, but we have given the look more of a loose and separated feel while retaining the same lift. The beauty of this look is that it allows you to keep some of the length that you grew while maintaining a distinct style. Important haircut tip: the top will grow out quickly and it can be challenging to get the lift that you want. To avoid it falling flat on you, make sure your next haircut falls between 4-5 weeks. Product choice is also key here. You need a product that will hold the style in place and Styling Cream is a great choice to do so. Styling Cream will give you an all-day hold so you don’t have to keep restyling. If you want good hold with more pliability, then Texture Powder would be a great alternate. A small amount of powder gives you the lift and separation you want.


Best product for this look: Floyd’s Styling Cream, Floyd's Texture Powder

Keywords for your stylist: Pompadour




Natural Curl with Styled Cut

Natural curls are being embraced this fall! Men are leaning into the curl instead of working against it. Remember to remain in control of your locks as your hair grows out. Too much curl all over can easily turn into an overgrown “mushroom” shape with no definition. Our second shape shows how you can let the natural curl be the centerpiece while still retaining a strong shape. The sides and back hairline have been cut shorter which collapses the curl and gives you a strong shape that isn’t overpowered by the curl. To avoid getting that “mushroom” shape make sure you are keeping up with your haircuts, a shape up every 4 weeks will be key. Product choice is easy here. Using Refresh Leave-In Conditioner will allow you to let the curl keep a nice ringlet shape but will not feel crunchy to the touch.


Best product for this look: Floyd's Refresh Leave-In Conditioner

Keywords for your stylist: Lean slides and a slightly tapered neckline



Classic Clipper Cut

If you are over your length and are ready to start fresh, or if you are accustomed to a shorter length and want to keep it current, take a peek at our third look. Keep things fresh with a clipper cut that eliminates the bulk on the sides of your head gives you a polished finish. Clipper cuts are always popular, but you will want to pay attention to a few key details that will set you apart from the pack. Make sure your neckline is tapered versus blocked off straight across. This allows you to have a cleaner look that grows out naturally and gives you more time between your next haircut. Also, the length on top needs to be short but still be long enough to style. Make sure to let your barber or stylist know that you want the top to be “broken up” so you can see some separation. By removing weight in the right areas this clipper cut will give you a clean look that is current and effortless. You will need to maintain this look with a fresh cut a little more often. Fuzz can grow quickly on your neckline and over your ears. Stay on top of it with a regular appointment every 3-4 weeks. Also, make sure to grab a product that you can put into your hair and not have to mess with during the day. Molding Paste would be a great option that gives you a medium-strength hold but won’t be too stiff or rigid.


Best product for this look: Floyd’s Molding Paste

Keywords for your stylist: Broken up on top, Tapered neck


The good news is that all of these looks can be easily achieved with the right conversation with your barber or stylist. Don’t be afraid to mix things up as we shift into a new season and keep these three distinctive looks on your list for a fresh update!