Gabe Rosenthal



Gabe Rosenthal

22 years old

T1D for 8 years

Finding the silver lining to all that life throws my way has become my motto since being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (T1D).  The narrative of a diabetic usually entails an unrelenting roller coaster with a lot of counting, pricks and pokes, which sounds… well, not all that pleasant.  While I do miss the days when I could eat a bowl of mac and cheese without concern for carbs, we’re all dealt a deck and there really is no point to dwell on the dreary. 

I am genuinely grateful for being diagnosed with T1D, because I’d like to think that the Gabe post-diagnosis is far more pleasant than the Gabe prior.  I’ve learned to always sympathize with others and empathize when possible, that perfection really isn’t attainable (and that’s okay), and most importantly - that diabetes cannot and will not deter me from doing any and everything I hope to pursue.