Victoria Mattoni


Victoria Mattoni

T1D 15 years

I was diagnosed with diabetes in August 2001.  I had lost 40 pounds, had a serious change in my eye sight, and finally went to the doctor for a female infection.  My blood sugar in the office was 620.  I knew I had diabetes, because my sister was diagnosed at age 12 with type 1, but I was in denial.  She passed away from a massive stroke in 1996,  It took them awhile to decide whether I was type 2 or type 1.  

 I got set up with the diabetes educator at Kaiser Permanente in Denver.  Between she and my endocrinology nurse practitioner, I started to get a good handle on what I needed to do to learn to live with it.  I remember feeling in the office at the time of diagnosis that I had just received a death sentence.  I knew the long term problems associated with this disease.  My diabetes educator recommended an insulin pump.  By December 2006, I had saved enough money to get one.  What a game changer!!  There was some additional training needed for that, including a carb counting class led by a dietician that really changed the landscape of day to day living.  

Then, last year, I upgraded to continuous glucose monitor with my Medtronic pump.  Second game changer! This device is as close to a pancreas as we have been able to get.  I can correct highs and lows within seconds of learning about them.  It decreased my A1C by one point.  I really love it.  The extra equipment is a little pricey, but I have been fortunate enough to have good insurance coverage over the years.  

 Between my family, my endocrinologist,  & my Medtronic diabetes educator, I have an excellent support network.  Chronic diseases can be very challenging to manage, but this team makes it look easy. 

 Victoria Mattoni, RN