The seasons change and so does our wardrobe and hopefully our hair too. As we shift into cooler temps and glide into the holidays our look should keep up.

So how can you keep up? What can you do to update and keep current?





The short crop has come back strong. The difference? We have noticed more texture and movement on top versus a crop that traditionally has laid down flat and forward. Instead of keeping the top quite short we have seen a slight amount of length retained so the guy can apply some product and get some definition and separation on top.








For the person who is used to getting a fade and keeping it tight and clean on the bottom half of their head we have seen several men and women getting a unique design line inserted in the nape.

Their barber or stylist gets creative license to introduce a flowing curve or a strong line in the neck line. This sounds dramatic but when you see the design you will notice how it flows quite nicely with the fade. It makes a statement but allows the guy to maintain the look that he is used to.






Color continues to grow more popular with men. Bold color such as a very light top or a bleached out look all over continues to be popular. In addition we have seen several men go for a bold fashion color that is inserted into one area or for the bold, all over!

Products that give definition to the texture of the hair or the distinct shape of the haircut are huge.

We have seen curl and texture that is allowed to dictate the shape versus a smoothed out look.



In the end, 2019 looks to be another fun one for men’s hair.

Men have more options than ever before. The key is having a good consultation with your barber or stylist. Ask about these trends or something you may have seen. The new year will be here soon, will the new “you” be ready?


Products that support texture and are lighter in application

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