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Look Book

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Intermediate length curl.

Let the curl do its thing but still keep a nice shape to your hair. A low taper on the neckline and in front of the ear will keep you looking crisp! A bit of Refresh Leave In Conditioner will avoid the frizz.

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Medium fade with natural curl.

Keep it crisp with a medium skin fade and then let your natural curl do its thing! The length on top will allow you to style a couple of different ways. Here we have a disheveled look on top that is controlled with Molding Paste from Floyd's Grooming.

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A classic style that is always popular.

A side part with length on top. Sweep it down and over like this or pop it up for a killer pompadour. A low taper on the neckline keeps you looking sharp! Style it with Styling Cream from Floyd's Grooming to give you enough hold that you won't have to worry about it.

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High skin fades are always popular.

Throw in a part and you will be looking dapper. Just enough length on top to sweep over and style.

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A classic scissor cut to leave length to cover and push around.

This ties in great with the beard. Very low taper on the neckline to keep you looking clean. Use Refresh Leave in Conditioner to make sure you don't have any fly aways and to keep your beard in check.

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Back to school haircuts don't mean you have to cut it all off.

You can keep length and still have a great shape. Keep enough to sweep over and let your natural curl do its thing. The sides and back are shorter to accentuate the top.

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Kids can keep it fresh too!

A classic clipper cut with a clean taper on the neckline. A side part that lets you sweep the length over on top to get a classic look. Throw in some Styling Cream to make sure he keeps his look through the day.