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  Modern Clean Look - Front View Modern Clean Look - Side View

Modern Clean Look

Looking for a lean and clean look? Then look no further than this fresh take on a modern classic. A clipper cut on the sides and back that taper down on the neckline will rid you of the weight that drags your hair down. Instead, you won’t have to worry as the crisp finish is low maintenance. Up top, you can use a side part to push some length up and over to give your cut a little style. Styling Cream is a great choice to hold the top in place so you don’t have to worry about losing your look.

  Loose Pompadour Look - Front View Loose Pompadour Look - Side View

Loose Pompadour Look

An updated pompadour is what you need to set your look apart from the pack. A classic pomp has height on top but is very smooth. Instead, you can have a loose feel that shows more definition and movement. Keep some length but add some style with this pompadour. Make sure to use a product like Texture Powder to give your hair a boost and to show off the movement. A little will go a long way! Need some more hold? Grab some Paul Mitchell Super Clean spray to give your look a boost that will keep the shape all day.

  Textured Look - Front View Textured Look - Side View

Textured Look

Texture is king! Tired of smooth, flat hair? We are too! Instead, you can add some amazing texture and movement with this look. Hair length is key, but then you need a cut that will help you to show off this shape. Once you have the haircut you will need to add a blow dryer into your routine. 1 quick minute to dry your hair will make a world of difference. Next up, add some Texture Powder to give your hair a boost and to add separation. Side note: You can still smooth things out for a smoother look if you need to! Switch out the Texture Powder for Refresh Leave-In Conditioner and you can mix up your look for the day.

  Length & Flow Look - Front View Length & Flow Look - Side View

Length & Flow Look

Keep your length and give it a place to go. Instead of letting it hang straight down, send it somewhere else. In this case we wanted it to move back and off the face. You can do the same thing and all it takes is a few minutes and a little hair product to help. Start by blow drying your length back and away from your face. Once it is dry, grab a product like Molding Paste and lightly glide through your hair to give it some hold that is still natural.

  High Fade Look - Front View High Fade Look - Side View

High Fade Look

A high fade with a disconnected length underneath will give you the best of both worlds. The fade on the bottom half of your head will allow your length on top to lay down closer to the head and give you some great styling options. Also, the fade is high enough to keep your hair under control and looking clean. Up top we let the natural curl do its thing which allows you to let it fall into place without feeling like it is building up and creating a round shape. Instead, the fade underneath is out of the way and allows the hair to lay down naturally and gives you a distinct style. A little bit of Refresh Leave-In Conditioner will keep your curl under control and intact.

  The Modern Classic - Front View The Modern Classic - Side View

The Modern Classic

The Modern Classic will never let you down. Keep things crisp and clean on your hairline with a low fade and then build up into controlled length on top. Styling is simple by using Styling Cream from Floyd's Grooming. Use a comb or vent brush to style into the shape you want. You can keep it smooth and push the top back or you can mess things up to show off some separation. A modern take on a classic look.

  Directional Natural Curl - Front View Directional Natural Curl - Side View

Directional Natural Curl

Use your natural curl to your advantage by controlling the weight in certain areas. Here is a great example of collapsing the curl on one side and then directionally pushing the hair to one side and letting the curl show more definition. The back neckline is tapered close to the neckline with scissors in order to collapse the weight and give you more control. Molding Paste from Floyd's Grooming is perfect for your curls. It will give you definition without leaving you fuzz and out of control.

  Curl Control Fade - Front View Curl Control Fade - Side View

Curl Control Fade

Curl control shows up with this look! A medium fade on the hairline up through the temple will have you cleaned up and will avoid curl domination. Control the curl on top with a scissor cut that collapses the weight above the temple up through the top. Use Refresh Leave-In Conditioner to control the remaining curl without stiffness. It adds moisture and will leave your hair feeling amazing!

  Clean Cut & Taper - Front View Clean Cut & Taper - Side View

Clean Cut & Taper

Your hair and beard are partners that need to work together. Have your barber or stylist give you a nice blend between both with a great scissor cut. Keep some length on top so you can style into the shape that you want and add a clean taper on your neckline to keep things crisp. The beard is blended up through the sideburn in order to flow cleanly into the haircut. Add some Styling Cream from Floyd's Grooming for some control of your style. It is the perfect "set and forget" product so you don't have to worry about your hair all day.

  Natural Curl With Styled Cut - Front View Natural Curl With Styled Cut - Side View

Natural Curl With Styled Cut

Let your curl do its thing but do it with style. Curls can get out of hand quick without a good haircut that gives you shape and control. The shape here looks similar all over but upon closer inspection you will see that the sides are lean and the neckline is slightly tapered. By shortening up the sides and back you can create a strong shape that controls the curl and removes the "mushroom" effect that typically occurs. This will allow you to keep some length and gives you a style that is easy to work with. Add Refresh Leave-In Conditioner to make sure your curls look defined and you will be set!

  Classic Pompadour - Front View Classic Pompadour - Side View

Pompadour With A Twist

A pompadour, a side part, and some length = a fresh new look. Length doesn't have to hang in your face. Instead, you can take classic elements and create a fresh look. A side part has always been popular but who says it must be a crisp line? Instead, a directional shift with the part gives you a similar feel. Throw in the height that a traditional pompadour gives you and now the length has somewhere to go! You will need a product like Styling Cream or Texture Powder that can give your hair the hold it needs to keep things in place.

  Classic Clipper Cut - Front View Classic Clipper Cut - Side View

Classic Clipper Cut

Are you always on the go and like to keep things short and defined? That won't be a problem with this clipper cut. The sides and back are short so you can keep things lean and mean. Make sure the neckline is tapered so it will grow out clean too! The top is where the action takes place. Ask to have the top broken up to show some separation. Add a product like Styling Cream that will give you a hold that you don't have to worry about all day.

  Intermediate length curl - Front View Intermediate length curl - Side View

Intermediate length curl.

Let the curl do its thing but still keep a nice shape to your hair. A low taper on the neckline and in front of the ear will keep you looking crisp! A bit of Refresh Leave In Conditioner will avoid the frizz.

  Medium fade with natural curl - Front View Medium fade with natural curl - Side View

Medium fade with natural curl.

Keep it crisp with a medium skin fade and then let your natural curl do its thing! The length on top will allow you to style a couple of different ways. Here we have a disheveled look on top that is controlled with Molding Paste from Floyd's Grooming.

  A classic style that is always popular - Front View A classic style that is always popular - Side View

A classic style that is always popular.

A side part with length on top. Sweep it down and over like this or pop it up for a killer pompadour. A low taper on the neckline keeps you looking sharp! Style it with Styling Cream from Floyd's Grooming to give you enough hold that you won't have to worry about it.

  High skin fades are always popular - Front View High skin fades are always popular - Side View

High skin fades are always popular.

Throw in a part and you will be looking dapper. Just enough length on top to sweep over and style.

  A classic scissor cut - Front View A classic scissor cut - Side View

A classic scissor cut to leave length to cover and push around.

This ties in great with the beard. Very low taper on the neckline to keep you looking clean. Use Refresh Leave in Conditioner to make sure you don't have any fly aways and to keep your beard in check.

  Back to school haircuts - Front View Back to school haircuts - Side View

Back to school haircuts don't mean you have to cut it all off.

You can keep length and still have a great shape. Keep enough to sweep over and let your natural curl do its thing. The sides and back are shorter to accentuate the top.

  Kids can keep it fresh too - Front View Kids can keep it fresh too - Side View

Kids can keep it fresh too!

A classic clipper cut with a clean taper on the neckline. A side part that lets you sweep the length over on top to get a classic look. Throw in some Styling Cream to make sure he keeps his look through the day.