Spring Collection Blog

Spring and Summer are quickly approaching so what are you going to do to freshen your look up? One way to mix things up with the most impact, is to make a change with your hair. Relax, it doesn’t have to be drastic. Even a small change can make a big difference in your look! We are excited to showcase 3 different looks that can show you how you do just that. For our Spring / Summer collection Floyd’s collaborated with Paul Mitchell to create 3 haircuts that are on point as we shift into a new season. The education teams at both companies worked on varied looks that show how we adapt to different lengths, curl patterns, and textures.

Our first look is a High Fade with a Disconnected Length.

It shows how you can work with curl in a couple of different ways.

We decided to show how you can have the best of both worlds by keeping a longer length on top while we faded out the bottom of the head.

Curl and length continue to be in demand! We are seeing men embrace their curl and allow the shape to be dictated by how the hair falls. In this case, we wanted even more control though.

Everything underneath the round of the head has been faded down to the skin. We show a clean fade that blends smoothly up through the temple. By fading the hair we controlled the curl and collapsed the shape.

Instead of a big, round, puffy shape, we now have a clean and lean shape down below. On top, we cut the length so we could leave a controlled shape even with the length falling down.

The product of choice is Refresh Leave-In conditioner to keep the curls intact.

This disconnected look allows you to have the freedom to keep your length longer on top while maintaining a smooth look down below. The best of both worlds!


High Fade with a Disconnected Length

Next up, we show a Modern Classic with a low taper.

This look never goes out of style!

Variations have existed for decades and continue into this season too! We get it, you want a shorter look but also want to have a sense of style too. You can have that plus more with this haircut!

We show how you can keep the sides of your head lean with our clipper work that leads to a tapered neckline.

Why is the neckline important? A low taper allows you to grow out clean versus a squared-off neckline that grows uneven. Moving up to the top we made sure to keep enough length for styling purposes. If you cut this area too short you won’t have enough to push up, back, or over to the side. We used a part line and combed up and over to get our look.

Styling Cream from Floyd’s Grooming is your product of choice here. You want something to set your look in so you don’t have to worry about it. We’ve shown you the look and the product to use.

Grab some confidence and head out the door with this Modern Classic!

Modern Classic with a low taper

Finally, with our Mid Length with Texture look

We wanted to address our guys who grew a little length but are now wondering what to do with it.

If you took the time to grow your length longer then you need a look to show it off. Your haircut is important to how this will play out.

We wanted to show how to control the weight on the bottom half of the head by collapsing it so that it lays closer to the head when you want a cleaner look.

However, we also wanted to show that you could mix things up with a styling product to show more separation. On top we kept length in all the right areas so you can push the hair back and out of the way, or, you can use styling products to lift things up and show off your texture.

The product that focused on did the trick in both cases. We used Texture Powder from Floyd’s Grooming to get lift and separation. Texture Powder is a powerful weapon in a small bottle! A little goes a long way and will allow you to mix things up quickly.

Having two options with a mid-length look is what you need to keep things fresh this Spring!


Mid Length with Texture look

Talk to your Barber or Stylist on how you can make some simple changes to your haircut so you can change some things up this season!