Over the years, hard-to-wash-out ingredients like lard and bees wax were main ingredients used to get the hold and shine everyone loves about pomades. Lucky for you, we have two amazing pomades that have that shine and hold you love, but are easily washed out.





Classic looks will always stand the test of time. That’s why pomade has been around since the 18th Century. Luckily, gone are the days of relying on bear fat and lard to achieve that desired high hold, high shine look. Now, Floyd’s 99 Grooming has two amazing pomades that help you achieve that the same great classic high shine look but provide varying hold levels to suit any style situation.

Floyd's 99 has two water-based pomades that are free of harmful ingredients and perfect for styling - Slick Pomade and NEW Stronghold Pomade. 

How to use: No matter whether it's Slick or Stronghold, layer that sucker up. Pomade is different than other creams or pastes. You want to start with about a dime sized amount and continue to layer it on until you get the desired look you are wanting. When is comes to pomade, the more the merrier.

So, which pomade is right for you?  





Introducing the NEW Stronghold Pomade to the Floyd’s Grooming family! This product is for the person who loves the shine of Slick Pomade but wants a higher, more controlled hold (hold level of a 5). It works on all hair types but is the perfect product for anyone with curly, thick, or unruly hair. 

We worked hard to produce a pomade that has both a high hold and high shine that can wash out easily. Our Floyd's 99 Grooming line prides itself on using high-quality, healthy ingredients, not typical of the Pomade category. 

Do us a favor and look at the ingredients of your current pomade. We will wait right here.....

Okay. Wow right? You've been putting that in your hair for years! Ingredients matter, whether you're eating them or putting them on your body.  Our water-based Stronghold Pomade will be your new best friend. 




Since its 2015 release, clients have loved our original Slick Pomade. It is perfect for all hair types and provides a high shine with a medium hold (hold level 3).

Slick Pomade is great if you are looking for pliability throughout the day to keep your hair soft with no worry about flaking. 



Slick Pomade & Stronghold Pomade ONLY $13 

Limited Time Offer - ends 8/31/18