Now is a great time to update your look with a style that allows you to look and feel your best during the busy summer months.

The good news is change doesn’t have to be dramatic. Small adjustments are an easy way to change up your style.

Keep a little bit more length on the top if you have kept it short for quite a while. If you have kept a mid-length or fuller look, why not take it in a little tighter to mix it up?

Need a change but love your style? Consider a fresh new look by adding fashion color or a lightened panel to mix things up.

Here are a few summer trends that we are currently recommending in our shops.


The short crop has come back strong but with a difference. We have noticed more texture and movement on top versus a crop that traditionally has laid down flat. Instead of keeping the front hairline short, we recommend keeping more length so you can apply a styling product and get some definition and separation on top. This style creates a slightly disheveled look up front with a very controlled clipper cut length underneath. Floyd’s Grooming Molding Paste is a great option to create separation and movement but won’t leave your hair feeling stiff and rigid.


Short Crop


A clean fade never goes out of style, keeping it tight in the summer heat always feels good. Grow the length out on top a bit to create a sweep from one side. A little length can go a long way towards giving your look a sense of style. If you don’t want to mess with your style during the day, then grab Styling Cream from Floyd’s Grooming so you can set it, and then forget it.

Clean Fade


Length is still a huge hit, and we see a lot of varying lengths in the shop. Those with length are continuing to keep it, but we are seeing more maintenance and control in those looks. A clean up every couple of months will control the bulk and allow for a more controlled look. For easy styling, a textured mid-length look that sweeps across the front and flows back is a fantastic look even in the summer heat. Want that control without feeling crunchy? Refresh Leave-In conditioner is a fantastic option that will give you a slight amount of control and helps you to avoid flyaway strands.


Mid-Length Clean Up


Color continues to be an easy way to express yourself. Bold color such as a very light top or a bleached-out look all over continues to be popular. We have seen bold fashion color that is inserted into one area or for the bold, all over! You can pull off a color more easily than you think. Ask your stylist or barber about their recommendation. It won’t take long, and it will instantly add some flair to your style.

In the end, SUMMER 2022 will be a fun season with continued variety. There are more options than ever before. The key is having a good consultation with your barber or stylist. Ask about these trends or something you may have seen and do not be afraid to express yourself and have some fun.


Mid Length with Texture look