Like most Americans, we are appalled at the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police officers. He, like too many others, died because of a basic disregard for human rights. The anger and sadness of our whole nation is justified. Wounds have been ripped open that have existed in this country since even before its founding. The disparate treatment of our society based on skin color must end. It should never be accepted in society, and will never be accepted at Floyd’s 99 Barbershop.  


We must strive to ensure the equality and dignity of every individual in our society who suffers under any kind of discrimination or oppression, especially those in Black communities. It is the only way forward, and this country will never live up to its promise unless we fix these historic wrongs. Together.


Barbershops are an integral part of their communities, and these communities are hurting. Now more than ever, we need to support and love one another, and most importantly, look for ways to help ensure this never happens again. Just like many of us, we as an organization can also get better, and we are committed to doing so.


We’re amplifying our commitment to our Core Values by taking these first steps:

  • Always Improving: Businesses need to know how to grow, maintain, attract and empower diversity in an organization, and we are no exception. We are beginning the interview and selection process to contract an independent consultant to conduct a culture assessment. They will learn about Floyd’s 99 by speaking directly with our team through multiple methods, give us a grade and make recommendations for improvement.

  • Embrace Individuality: Hair can be divisive in this industry, and tends to isolate communities of color. As a hair company, we need to address this gap. We are increasing our textured hair training to ensure our team can expertly cut any texture of hair. We are asking that our employees sign up for classes, ask for help, and help their teammates to ensure we’re all experts in serving all clients.

At Floyd’s 99, we are a family.  We are committed to do better, to be better, and to do the work it takes to continue to improve our organization.


Bill, Paul and Rob O'Brien


Jamie Repenning